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Professional Health Care Navigators and Patient Advocates

We know the Health Care System, have advocated for our own lives as patients and for others we love and care for. Now, we are here for you. We continually update our knowledge and maintain a strong network of professional associates. We network with members of the Health Care community to keep our finger on the pulse of the latest in Health Care so you get our very best.

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Connie Jorsvik, BSN, Principal

Connie Jorsvik was an RN for 25 years—15 of that in cardiac critical care—and left her profession because of her own health challenges. During the years she was a nurse, she was always a patient advocate above all other duties she performed. She saved many lives because she stood up to physicians; because she was meticulous in her care and observations; and worked to never-ever take short-cuts with policies, procedures and protocols (they’re there for a reason).

Her journey in becoming a professional private patient advocate has been life-long. Her passion for quality healthcare knows no bounds. She has learned one thing since becoming a professional patient advocate: no matter what the provincial health authorities Doctors of BC, and the College of Registered Nurses say, there is no such thing as ‘Patient Centered Care.’ Patients literally have no rights. (Animals have more rights than patients do.) Doctors hold the power of care over their patients and some wield that power mightily, marginalizing the most vulnerable of patients.

Connie has faced several significant personal health challenges. During every one, she has been an empowered patient and kept on going back to her doctor until she got the answers she needed. She sought out her own answers, did her own research and refused to listen to doctors when she knew something was wrong and they were saying it was all in her head.

“The biggest key to finding my health is knowing I hold the key to my health door – that I am the only one who can truly listen to my body and find the appropriate answers. My biggest, longest battle has been with Fibromyalgia and there was little the traditional medical system could do to help me over the long term. I layered my care, finding little nuggets of wisdom and helpful clues along the way. Many health practitioners helped in this journey – but I was the one who was responsible for putting it into practice. I can’t stay up late, I have to get 8 hours sleep, I need to walk every single day, I need to eat well, I know that psychological stress will take me down like nothing else, and I surround myself with supportive loved ones and friends.”

Connie serves the Greater Vancouver area.

Kerry Phillips, Health Navigator – Advocate

Kerry has been an advanced care paramedic for over 30 years. She has supported people in many medical environments; pre-hospital, acute and chronic illness, trauma, and end-of-life decisions.

Kerry has been a wonderful advocate for me during the last few years!  She has been diligent in attending all my doctor appointments.  She is brilliant in summarizing the medical information in terms I can easily understand.  She is compassionate and knowledgeable, helping me to ask the questions I need and ensuring that I feel comfortable with procedures and medications.  I highly recommend her services! ~ Peggy C.

Kerry serves North and West Vancouver.

Paige Lennox, Health Navigator – Advocate

Paige Lennox has been a Registered Nurse for 25 years in Acute Critical Care, and of that, four years in Addictions Nursing. She holds a certificate in End-of-Life Care and Death Midwifery. She is passionate about helping patients in crisis navigate the medical system and empowering people to make informed choices. She has always been an advocate for her patients, her family and her friends.

We asked Paige for help when our Mom was in the hospital following surgery and recent diagnosis of a terminal illness. She helped us set up resources in the community so that Mom could be discharged from the hospital and be at home where she wanted to be. We called on Paige at different times throughout our journey of Mom’s death process and she supported us every step of the way. We were able to keep mom at home for a day after she died and have our own celebration of her life in the way she wanted. ~W

Paige serves the Kootenay region.

Research Team

The Patient Pathways team includes clinical librarians who are consumer health information specialists. Headed up by Vicki Lee this role is to support Patient Pathways’ navigator advocates with client research and resources. We assist patients, families and health care professionals improve their quality of care using the power of information.